Saturday, May 31, 2008

Water Baby

Photobucket I took Bridger swimming for the first time this summer! I've attempted to take him a few time already this year but for some reason it just didn't happen...he got sick, the weather turned windy, yada yada. But Saturday was a perfect warm day and so i jumped at the opportunity when Kayla invited me over to her pool. He LOVES the water and I'm so glad because I don't know what I'd do if he didn't. My kid NOT love the water?...Impossible! I'll have him swimming laps by August.
I know the hat is a little dorkey but I am super serious about sun protection.
(thanks for the Pictures Kay!)


sarakorbi said...

you're so cute in the pool with your little guy!
I am actually headed down to Idaho this next week, Tuesday-Sunday, but other than that not a whole lotta Utah trips planned. Micah and I met up in Utah once a fews years ago and we caught a movies with my cousin as chaperone :) ( I was married and Stephen didn't come to Utah with me he was on the East coast for something, I don't remember) but it was fun to catch up. I have an AUnt and Uncle that live in Washington, Utah. WE are going to Wyoming in July and then Oregon, check, but no Utah. Maybe some other time. :) Thanks for the invite. :)

Russ and Suz Adamson said...

Did I ever tell you that your posts crack me up. You are so witty. Can you pass some that to me?? I am in desperate need. We went swimming on Sat. to, looks like we must have just missed each other.