Monday, May 12, 2008


I was really lucky to get into the St George Triathlon this year. It always fills up so quickly so when i got the chance to get in, I jumped at the opportunity. My friend Elise Haynes was able to do it with me and it was a ton of fun. It was her first time doing anything like this and she did great! It is always much more fun doing these with a friend. This is one of the Biggest Triathlons in the state with 1500 people racing. I 'm not very competitive by nature, in fact I never even look at my standings or times after racing, I just love the anticipation and adrenaline rush that come with racing with that many people and the feeling of accomplishment when I'm done.

This race was kind of a bummer though, They had to cancel the Swim portion. It was SO windy and the water was So cold (54 degrees) and choppy that a lot of the people in the first wave (heat) couldn't make it. They had to send out Search and Rescue boats to help them out. It was crazy. There were hundreds of people waiting to start the swim...some waiting in the freezing water, when they decided the conditions were too hazardous and they started everyone on bikes instead. At first i have to admit that i was thrilled that i didn't have to enter the freezing cold water. I was shivering just waiting on shore...DRY. But after the race, I felt like i didn't accomplish as much without swimming. It was only a Biathlon. Oh well...What do you do?

Even though i didn't get to swim, the wind and sand were in my face through the bike and run, and many old people passed me...It was a great race! Thank you to Chad for helping me train, and for coming to support me, and to Jeff and Kayla for braving the wind and cold to come support me too!


James and Cami said...

Rach that is awesome! That sucks about the swimming...weren't you a swimmer in HS? You look so good. You and Kayla with your skinny little bodies, so not fair.


Hey I love your new blog! Its way better than those grandma curtains!

Ford Fam said...

I am so impressed! I want to do a trialathon someday, but I said once I'm done having kids! I just think it would be an awesome sense of accomplishment! Wait to go though!

Jace said...

Congratulations on the biatholon. That is still quite an accomplishment. Way to go!