Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Chaddy boy!

Yesterday was Chad's birthday...the BIG 26! So thanks to my friend Teresa who watched Bridger for us, we went on a REAL DATE! We went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse, because they have Chad's favorite "fall-off-the-bone ribs", and then we went to see the new Batman Movie "Dark Knight". The Joker?...he was real scary, and those of you who know me know that I don't do scary movies. But it wasn't so bad for me. Kayla fore-warned me so i knew when to close my eyes. That helped a ton! Even though we missed the little guy, it was nice to be able to eat dinner together without having to apologize to the waiter for the food our kid threw on the floor and to get to see a movie...a whole movie...It was great!

Monday, July 28, 2008

The Nose Scrunch

Bridger just started doing this really funny nose scrunch with his face. He'll do it when he's mad and when he smiles big. Sometimes he even adds a little snort which is always a plus!

Mamma Mia


Girls Trip!!! Barb was still on the west coast, so we thought we'd take advantage of her closeness and go down to Las Vegas for a few days...JUST GIRLS! No kids, No husbands,...we just laid by the pool, ate good food, and soaked in the time together. Next time we'll get to see each other, Barb will have a new baby boy (due in December) and Kayla will have a new baby boy too (adoption in the works, due in Oct). We went to the play "Mama Mia" and I LOVED it! It is such a perfect girlfriend, sister, mom/daughter play...and now I'm addicted to the music. It was the perfect little trip to polish off my month of travels! Thanks Friends...Chiquitita!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Work Weekend

This month was just full of craziness. Right when I came home from San Fransisco, I was off to northern Utah for work. It was the annual Fashion team workshop. At Bridal Elegance we have a High school Fashion team, which is basically a group of girls(one from every major high school from Beaver through Las Vegas) who we select to represent our modest dresses in their school. Once they interview and make the team, they model for us in bridal fairs, fashion shows, women's expos, and help promote our store all year. Each summer we have a Fashion team workshop. We combine with the national Fashion team and the Northern Utah team. For three days we train the girls on walking, modeling, and fashion design. They help us pick our Prom Dress line for the following year, and we try to make it a really fun weekend for them.

I had to stay in the Hotel with the girls, so I left Bridger for the first time EVER!! Of course it was much more traumatic for me than for him. He had no idea i even left. My Mom helped , Chad's mom helped and of course Chad helped too, So he was in good hands.

Me and Heather Jensen (She'll be taking over everything I do when we move next year...Shes doing a great job!) All of the counselors at the Closing Banquet. My cousins Heidi and Teea came to be counselors this year!
One of our girls modeling a 2009 dress in the Fashion Show

So...I pretty much have the best job ever! I get to do fun girly stuff and get paid for it! It was a ton of work though and by the end of the weekend I was left wondering how i ever survived college and living on so little sleep...I was a zombie by Saturday night.


San Fransisco looks just like I thought it would...the Tanner's neighborhood in Full House. All the houses and buildings are connected and the streets are narrow and hilly.

We went to the Golden gate state park...it was awesome! We walked around the botanical gardens, saw some cool snails and giant flowers and other nifty plants!

The highlight of the trip for Bridger was getting to play with Tory and Pancho, Jason and Clarissa's dogs. After a few days, he was beginning to act just like them!

We had a great time and it was nice getting to spend time with Family!

San Fransisco

Earlier this month we hopped on a plane to visit Chad's brother Jason and his wife Clarissa in San Fransisco!

This is Bridger flirting with the lady behind us on the plane.

We spent the first day touring around San Fran. We ate at a yummy seafood place near "fisherman's wharf". They had some great Sour dough Bread....oh ya!

After lunch we walked around the piers, saw some fat sea lions, and ate some yummy mini doughnuts (because we weren't already full enough from lunch!)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

1st Date Anniversary

Why I LOVE the 4th of July...
*BBQs (Ya, food is at the top of my list...so?)
*It's a day when I can more seriously ponder how blessed I am to live in a country where I have have so many freedoms and opportunites...something I usually take for granted
*The American Flag is out just about everywhere
* It's the essence of summer
*I get to think about my Grandpas and all the others who fought and still fight and sacrifice to protect our freedoms
* And because 9 years ago on July 4th, Chad and I went on our very FIRST DATE!


First Date Flashback...
I had just turned 16 that May (the summer before my Junior Year) and there I was...sitting in my room a few days before July 4th...still hadn't been on my first official date. Didn't anyone get the memo? Hello...I'm 16 now...Date-able! (actually, I was totally shy and nervous around guys so i really wasn't surprised) Then all the sudden the phone rings and my sister answers it (most of the calls were for her anyways) but, to my surprise, she hands the phone to me and says "it's a boy!" I got my composure calm and cool, then took the phone. It was CHAD SMITH, he was asking me out for the 4th of July!!! I said yes and when I put the phone down I jumped up and down and squeeled like any girl would do if a super cute guy asked her out on her first date! That night I figured out what I was going to wear. (I still remember...it was my favorite gap jeans and the new pink tanktop with little pink flowers on it that I had just bought)
He picked me up and we doubled with one of his friends who took out my friend Katrina. We went to dinner and then to watch the fireworks at Thanksgiving Point. I just remember that I was super awkward and nervous. I had no idea what to talk about and I think the whole night I was worried about what I was going to do at the doorstep when he took me home...do i give him a hug? a handshake?(I hadn't ever kissed a boy so ALL interaction was awkward)...I ended up giving him a HIGH FIVE!!! ha ha...good thing he gave me another chance and asked me out again that summer. He always gave me the butterflies and it didn't take long for me to know he was special!

Happy First Date anniversary to us! Photobucket
(this picture is the ugliest kiss of the century but i had to put in on here because it makes me laugh! You can't tell unless you zoom in, but our noses are smashing and Chad is laughing!)

Monday, July 7, 2008

Our SUPER FUN week with friends

This week one of my Best Friends and her family came to visit. They Live in Florida and we don't get to see them very often so of course we tried to cram every moment with fun! I think we succeded. Here are some pictures of our adventures

Ty, Cru, and Bridger Shooting Hoops

A little Girl time...Pedicures! No kids, No Husbands...Just Best Friends!

On Wed we went to Sand Hollow Resivoir. We put the kids on float toys and swam out to the rocks. We found a great little cove where we could just float around and catch some rays. Ahh summer time...We love it!








On Tuesday went to see Les Miserables at Tuachan...It was incredible!! I highly reccommend seeing it, especially if you have a Dixie Direct card because you can get tickets at HALF OFF! I've had the songs in my head ever since. Thanks Nichole for watching the little squish while we went!

On Monday we had a Yummy Dinner with at our friends the Reimonds. All the best summer food complete with HOME MADE ICE CREAM!! yum

The Dads and Babies

Bridger polishing off Chad's BBQ Ribs at dinnner with our friends

yeah...He's NOT a vegetarian!
our love of ice cream!How many times did we eat ice cream while we were together this week? ...Not telling!

Family Campout

Bridger driving to the campsite

Bridger chillin with my brother Tim

Giving Grandpa kisses

Last weekend we went to a family reunion with my Dad and step-mom, Susan in Enterprise Utah...a little town out in the middle of nowhere. We camped out, ate good food, played some basketball, and of course...played card games! It was tons of fun until Bridger woke up at about 1 am screaming. At first I thought some insect bite him or something...he was crying pretty hard. Of course it was pitch black and i just had a little flashlight, so I woke up my dad and Susan (not that they weren't already awake from the screaming along with everyone else who had just drifted off to sleep) and we checked Bridger all over. No insect bite, but still he cried...I think his tummy was hurting or something. After a Priesthood Blessing, Bridger stopped crying but we packed up all our stuff, took down the tent, and drove home anyway just in case he did it again. We got home at about 2:30am! So fun, I know! We never figured out what his deal was, but he was just fine after that. So even though we didn't quite make it the whole night, we still had a great time in the great outdoors.