Monday, July 28, 2008

Mamma Mia


Girls Trip!!! Barb was still on the west coast, so we thought we'd take advantage of her closeness and go down to Las Vegas for a few days...JUST GIRLS! No kids, No husbands,...we just laid by the pool, ate good food, and soaked in the time together. Next time we'll get to see each other, Barb will have a new baby boy (due in December) and Kayla will have a new baby boy too (adoption in the works, due in Oct). We went to the play "Mama Mia" and I LOVED it! It is such a perfect girlfriend, sister, mom/daughter play...and now I'm addicted to the music. It was the perfect little trip to polish off my month of travels! Thanks Friends...Chiquitita!



Love these pictures and the flood of memories they bring back. I cant wait to go see the movie when I get back. How was batman? Answer my texts

Brock and Rachael said...

Rachel it looks like your life is crazy fun. That is so awsome that you got to have a well deserved break.

Anonymous said...

It's funny because when I think of Guatemala, it feels like Barb was part of it, even though she wasn't there (and I've never met her). Great that you are all friends!