Friday, August 28, 2009

Spin Class Victory!

When it comes to the kitchen, laundry, grocery shopping, or any other domestic talent... It's safe to say that I know more than Chad, but when it comes to the Gym or exercising- it is his domain and he is the expert. I admitted it... Chad knows WAY more than I do on the entire subject, always has and I suspect always will (or at least he always should because he is getting his PHD in it at the moment)
Well today I convinced Chad to attend his very first spin class after a few years of nagging. He's always rolling his eyes at my "classes", but after hearing me say what a butt kicker spin is, and after I told him that other guys go to it, he caved in a gave it a whirl. On our way there early this morning I mentioned to him that I'd help him get his bike set up correctly before we started class so he'd have a more comfortable ride. He looked at me with an annoyed expression and said..."I know how to fit myself to a bike"...har har har...
So we got to the class and we set up our bikes, I watched Chad fidget with his bike (knowing that it wasn't set up right) and then get on. Our instructor, Mike, asked if anyone was new to spin, Chad reluctantly raised his hand and I could tell he was just cringing as he came and had him dis-mount his bike so he could fit it properly. It was such a great "I Told You So" moment for me and the only "trust me...I know what I'm doing" moment that I've ever had at the Gym and probably ever will have!
Sweet victory!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Lake Powell Trip

We went to Lake Powell with Chad's Brothers and Sisters for about a week in July and had a blast! The weather was great, the water was awesome, and most important...I got up on the wakeboard! It's pretty much my favorite place now.

Here's Chad trying to master surfing behind the boat

All the grandkids in Navajo canyon

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thomas the Train

I'm not a big fan of "Character Clothes" know you aren't either. But when your kid is obsessed with something, you've got to give in and bite the tacky character clothes bullet. they are only kids once right?
Chad's Mom brought these home the other day and it was love at first sight for bridger!
He LOVES his new jamies...he won't take them off. After a huge fit I was able to peel them off his body...but he insisted that they remained attached to him somehow, so we resorted to tying the top around his shoulders like a sweater. Today I took him to the store like that, and I now have a new appreciation for my Mom. She had to deal with my My little Pony, Rainbow Bright, and Barbie phases. Thanks for letting me dress like a nerd Mom!