Sunday, March 14, 2010

Super Bridger and Basketball Tourney

Super Bridger!
I made this little mask for him a few months ago and he never really cared about it until about a week ago. He found it and wore it EVERYWHERE! All around the house, Walmart, the post office, Chad's basketball games, and even to bed. We got some funny looks at Walmart...I think some people thought he had a burn under it or something. He'd bring it to me and say he wanted to be Super Bridger.

And just for proof that he has a mega fascination with his nose...

This was the pose he'd pull while wearing the "Super Bridger" mask... so tough huh!

Super Bridger at Chad's Basketball Game

Lehi Alumni Tournament
Last week Chad played in the Lehi Alumni bball tournament. It was fun to see old friends that we graduated with. They came from miles around to represent 2001! I felt old for the first time watching them play the 2010 team...sad.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dresser Makeover

Bridger's old furniture has been officially donated to the new baby's room. He was kicked out of his crib last week (I know..a little old to still have been in a crib, but he liked it) and the rocking chair and the bookshelf that I use to use to hold his clothes in baskets were moved out too. He was in desperate need of his own things and I was desperate to find a purpose for the old dresser and night stand sitting in my garage.
So, I found this lovely site through a friends blog and it inspired me to paint the furniture Yellow!
Here's the end result...the Before photos are below

I didn't want to use this furniture in Bridger's room because I think the curves make it look feminine, but in the end my thriftiness won... "Make it do, or Do without"...right?...So here we have it, a yellow dresser and night stand. I have plans to make it work with the room decor someday!

Here is the Before photo...This was actually my Dad's old dresser when he was younger, then My sister and I used it in high school, so I'm happy that it has a purpose again!