Friday, May 29, 2009

Moving North

I Like Blizzards that look like this

Not the ones that look like this!
I Think most people know, but nothing is official until you blog about it right?... We're moving away from our lovely, warm, sunny, and recreational St George. Chad is finishing his Master's Thesis this summer and was accepted into the Exercise Science PHD program at the U this Fall.
He was also offered a teaching assistantship position in the program which is a HUGE bonus! He'll be teaching beginning level college courses and assisting the professors in the ES department. It is rare for them to offer things like this to first year students, so we're really excited about the opportunity.
I guess I've always known that living here was a temporary thing for us, it just stinks now that moving is a reality. (I've been dragging my feet and protesting for years and I've always gotten my way, but not this time) The up sides to the Move are...We get to live closer to Family and Friends up north and Chad gets to get started in this Program and eventually be done with school....Which are both SUCH great things. It will be so nice to be closer to Family. Bridger will get to grow up around his cousins, I can finally learn how to make my mother-in law's raspberry jam, learn how to sew from my Mom, and get to go see my little Sister's dance recitals and such.
I'm just not so good with change and you all know how I feel about cold weather! To be honest, I get a sick feeling in my gut just thinking about winter, and scrapping snow off my car, and not being able to go outside until May! How can i run outside if it's cold?? I'll just get fat and wear sweats everyday like I did at Snow College! Spring in St George starts in Feb! We've made such great Friends here and we'll be sad to leave.
Anyways, I need some good ole encouragement! How can I learn to enjoy the cold?? I'm really nervous about it.
We'll probably be moving mid July, So don't write us off of your friends list quite yet southerners!