Friday, December 31, 2010

last 6 months at a glance...

Where does time go???
Well, Here's my attempt to catch up on the last 6 months or so...
Chad- School...Last semester was BY FAR the hardest yet. We saw him for a few hours only a few days a week. Hard! But...we LOVED when there were breaks and he was home!
Me- Just when I think I've got a handle on having two kids...Bo starts climbing on everything! I'm still doing Ties, it's going well and we're so thankful for that! I can't wait til I can just be a mom though.
Bridger- Is in preschool and LOVES it! Still obsessed with Thomas the Train, and is an Awesome big brother!
Bowen-So squishy and climby and drooly...we LOVE him!

Bo is crawling and climbing everywhere!

Bridger found some stickers and had a good ole time! ...He wanted them on all day, it wasn't so fun when I had to peel them all off though.

Bridger was Thomas (again), I tried to talk him into a differnt costume, but he didn't budge. It's ok though...I was Dorthy from the wizard of Oz for 3 years in a row...loved those sparkly shoes!

We had a lot of furry and feathery friends in our backyard this are a few!

Bridger said he wanted a BIG Chad helped him build this was at least 9 feet tall!!!