Saturday, May 31, 2008

Water Baby

Photobucket I took Bridger swimming for the first time this summer! I've attempted to take him a few time already this year but for some reason it just didn't happen...he got sick, the weather turned windy, yada yada. But Saturday was a perfect warm day and so i jumped at the opportunity when Kayla invited me over to her pool. He LOVES the water and I'm so glad because I don't know what I'd do if he didn't. My kid NOT love the water?...Impossible! I'll have him swimming laps by August.
I know the hat is a little dorkey but I am super serious about sun protection.
(thanks for the Pictures Kay!)

Friday, May 30, 2008

Here fishy fishy...

Thanks to Chad's expert advise and our friend Adam's fishing pole, I caught my first fish!!! It's a good thing too because I was fixin to break out a net and scoop one up! We have a little fishing pond right by our house, and since I was bound and determined to catch a fish, we've been frequent visitors. It was quite a rush reeling him in. I think this is the start of a great relationship between me and all aquatic creatures.

Bridger likes fishing too!
This is him twirling a blade of grass in his mouth. Once he got it in, I couldn't get it out.

The Release...I hope he went and told all of his buddies to bite my bait next time. Maybe some of his friends are a lot bigger than he was.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Family Fun

My Dad and my step-mom, Susan, stopped by on their way out of town this week! It is so fun to see our parents interact with Bridger and he loves the extra attention. It's weird to think that some day my kids will grow up and have kids and i'll get to interact with them and watch them grow! Parenthood is just a gift that keeps on giving I guess. It was nice to see them we wish we could see them all more often (all of our parents that is).

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Just finished...

The Twilight CRAZE!! If you haven't heard about this book, must have been on Mars for a while. EVERYONE has been talking about it. I resisted reading it at first. I couldn't understand why everyone kept talking about this series...I mean, what can be so great about a book about Vampires? Wouldn't it be cheesy? Would it be scary? (I'm sort of a big wimp)
Well, Chad got it for me for my birthday and after four days of ignoring all of the responsibilities that I could (like dishes and laundry), I finished. I have to say that i really liked it. I'm not obsessed, but it was entertaining and kept me reading. I just wish Edward (the Vampire Hunk of the book) wasn't so pale. I know his pale description fit his character, but I just had a hard time believing he was as beautiful as he was supposed to be...If he was tan, I'd think he was a babe, but PALE???....Why
I need to get the next book (New Moon)but i think I'll wait a a week so Chad doesn't hate me...I'm not very social when my nose is stuck in a book.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Happy Birthday To ME!

25, 1/4 century, Yeah!
One year older and wiser too...well, maybe not wiser
For my birthday last week, Chad took me FISHING! To his dismay, I've never caught a fish, though I've been fishing a lot. He packed a kayak, borrowed a fishing pole (Thanks Adam), got me a licence and some night crawlers, and we were off! It was kind of a in a kayak with Bridger. It was a ton of fun though, I love just getting out and enjoying the great outdoors. Maybe the fish just don't like me, cuz I'm still Fishless! I was hoping one would just feel bad for me and bite the bait, but it didn't happen...Selfish fish!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

jungle gym/dishwasher

These pictures speak for themselves...
What do i do about this climbing kid?

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Catching Up

It is so good to be able to catch up with friends! My good friend from Snow College, Cami, came to St. George to visit last weekend. Her husband was playing in a softball tournament and so us girls(Kayla, Cami, and I) were able to catch up! We took our kids to the park and went out for pizza! It was really fun to let our kids play together and to watch them interact...We're MOMS???...Crazy! Thanks for coming to visit Cami and we better see you soon!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Fun in the Sun

Viewer Discretion advised:

Bridger had tons of fun playing in the water with his cousin Sophie last weekend! Of course i was not prepared for the sprinkler bliss that afternoon (I didn't have a swim diaper or a swim suit for him) and after a while sitting in the wet grass...he had the "swollen diaper syndrome"! So i did what any decent mom would do and i let him go commando. This is a picture of the stance he was in for about 20 minutes!! He was up on all fours with his little bum in the air drinking from the sprinkler. We had a good laugh!

Bridger...before the diaper came off

We also were able t go to a SPLASH PAD last weekend with a bunch of friends. We had the sun, water, warmth, good friends, and doesn't get much better than that!!!

Little miss Sophie

Bridger and Sophie digging into the watermelon

Summer is HERE!!!!

My sis Amanda and her Family came to visit St. George this weekend, and oh what a beautiful weekend it was too! The weather was nice and sunny and warm...I LOVE SUMMER!!!!! Here is a video clip of her daughter Sophie and my Bridger playing in the water...

If you listen to Sophie(my niece), She tells me that she "lost Chad". Chad was away on a boys trip with his brothers while they were visiting and she kept wondering where he was and saying that he was Lost! It was pretty funny

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Spaghetti + Yam = Orange Baby!

I read in a parenting book a while back that it was good to let babies feed themselves and play with their food. It helps them develop their know?

Bridger LOVES to eat. We try to feed him when we eat. He sits at the table and eats along with us like a big kid. He gets so excited and rubs his messy hands all over his face...therefore, we spend more time cleaning the kid than we do feeding him. But just like Carl's Jr says..."If it doesn't get all over the place, It doesn't belong in your face!"

Yes, I buy Spray-n-Wash in bulk!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Our Goat Friends

Monday night we had some four legged friends visit our neighborhood. Some Friends called to inform us that there was a herd of Goats along the stone hills. Chad was just about to put Bridger in the bath, but we couldn't miss an event like this, so we wrapped him up and dashed outside to check it out!
We thought they might be wild goats, but we couldn't tell from far away.

I had to get a closer look (even though i didn't bring my camera when i did). I jumped the fence and scampered up the rocks, The goats didn't even care about me, they just went on chewing and didn't move. Upon closer inspection i found that they had tags in their ears. Could they still be wild? The BLM could have tagged them...or they could be someone's goats that got loose? We may never know, but it was fun having animals around us while it lasted. Come visit again soon goats!

Monday, May 12, 2008


I was really lucky to get into the St George Triathlon this year. It always fills up so quickly so when i got the chance to get in, I jumped at the opportunity. My friend Elise Haynes was able to do it with me and it was a ton of fun. It was her first time doing anything like this and she did great! It is always much more fun doing these with a friend. This is one of the Biggest Triathlons in the state with 1500 people racing. I 'm not very competitive by nature, in fact I never even look at my standings or times after racing, I just love the anticipation and adrenaline rush that come with racing with that many people and the feeling of accomplishment when I'm done.

This race was kind of a bummer though, They had to cancel the Swim portion. It was SO windy and the water was So cold (54 degrees) and choppy that a lot of the people in the first wave (heat) couldn't make it. They had to send out Search and Rescue boats to help them out. It was crazy. There were hundreds of people waiting to start the swim...some waiting in the freezing water, when they decided the conditions were too hazardous and they started everyone on bikes instead. At first i have to admit that i was thrilled that i didn't have to enter the freezing cold water. I was shivering just waiting on shore...DRY. But after the race, I felt like i didn't accomplish as much without swimming. It was only a Biathlon. Oh well...What do you do?

Even though i didn't get to swim, the wind and sand were in my face through the bike and run, and many old people passed me...It was a great race! Thank you to Chad for helping me train, and for coming to support me, and to Jeff and Kayla for braving the wind and cold to come support me too!


Speed racer



Busy, Busy, Busy

Hummm, What should i eat for lunch....

My sweet little baby has turned into a MONKEY!!! He is suddenly climbing on everything and getting into everything. I am ready to remove all pieces of furniture from my house that have squared edges because he is just an accident waiting to happen. He still scoots around on his tummy, but he's gotten faster and faster. If i turn away for just a minute...he's down the hall and into a bedroom. I found him under my bed the other day...I just know that this is the start of a new parenting phase for me called "The Chase".

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Back to the Red Hills

Bridger and Hailey catchin some rays

How CUTE are these girls??? I will answer that for you...SO cute! They were such troopers too!

After Kayla and Jeff showed us this fun little hike a few weeks ago, We had to go back before the water dried up. We told all of our Neighbors about it and soon our Friends the Jaspersons were ready to hit the trail! This time we went on a monday because Chad is OUT OF SCHOOL for a it wasn't as crowded and we were able to get some more pictures! The Jaspersons have three darling little girls Alexis, Hailey, and Cloe (who's just a few months old!!) It was a great time and were were really glad to get to go there again. I heard that the water in this hike is only around for a few more weeks so if anyone wants to go soon...count us in!

Chad being his usual goofy self....He's all mine ladies

This is Adam and Chad discussing where the safest place to jump is and also Chad's lack of a life insurance.

ahh...Swamp Thing! Well the jump was successful and Chad made it out of the fridged water in one piece!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Chad Graduated!!!

These Pictures have nothing to do with Chad graduating, but i knew Nana would appreciate seeing them...even if everyone else rolls their eyes. YES...i do have a life aside from being a mom to this little squish, but NO...i don't take my camera everywhere i go or take pictures of everything i do in order to have something to post. I do think he's pretty cute though

Yahoo for school! Or what I really mean is...Yahoo for NO school! Chad is officially graduated from SUU with his Bachelors degree in History. And in case you thought you'd be seeing pictures of a ceremony with a cap and gown...Nope, he decided to fore go that whole hoopla since it's not really the end of school for him. He has a few weeks off and then his master's program starts May 27th in "Sports Conditioning and Performance" at SUU. Thank goodness this Master's degree is an online program so he won't have to make that drive to and from Cedar City. Even though it will be a short break from school...Chad is definitely due for one! He's been working his tail off ...between his job, studies, senior project, and helping me to be able to get my work done...he deserves a break. I'm really proud of him! Good job Babe!!