Saturday, May 24, 2008

Happy Birthday To ME!

25, 1/4 century, Yeah!
One year older and wiser too...well, maybe not wiser
For my birthday last week, Chad took me FISHING! To his dismay, I've never caught a fish, though I've been fishing a lot. He packed a kayak, borrowed a fishing pole (Thanks Adam), got me a licence and some night crawlers, and we were off! It was kind of a in a kayak with Bridger. It was a ton of fun though, I love just getting out and enjoying the great outdoors. Maybe the fish just don't like me, cuz I'm still Fishless! I was hoping one would just feel bad for me and bite the bait, but it didn't happen...Selfish fish!


James and Cami said...

Happy Birthday!! Thats a fun idea to go fishing. I hear ya about the Twilight craze. James and I bought it on CD to listen to as we taveled to st. george that week end but on the way home the CD player stopped working....I was so mad, but now I have borrowed the book so I will let ya know if I am hooked or not!!


Thats awesome on Chad's part. Kudo's Chad you did good. Also Rachel you are becoming quite the master blogger I like it:) Especially the part about selfish fish. And tell me about the book. I think I might share your feelings on the pale kid