Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Back to the Red Hills

Bridger and Hailey catchin some rays

How CUTE are these girls??? I will answer that for you...SO cute! They were such troopers too!

After Kayla and Jeff showed us this fun little hike a few weeks ago, We had to go back before the water dried up. We told all of our Neighbors about it and soon our Friends the Jaspersons were ready to hit the trail! This time we went on a monday because Chad is OUT OF SCHOOL for a while...so it wasn't as crowded and we were able to get some more pictures! The Jaspersons have three darling little girls Alexis, Hailey, and Cloe (who's just a few months old!!) It was a great time and were were really glad to get to go there again. I heard that the water in this hike is only around for a few more weeks so if anyone wants to go soon...count us in!

Chad being his usual goofy self....He's all mine ladies

This is Adam and Chad discussing where the safest place to jump is and also Chad's lack of a life insurance.

ahh...Swamp Thing! Well the jump was successful and Chad made it out of the fridged water in one piece!


Jasperson Family said...

Where is the picture I took of you being so brave climbing up that big rock? :) Very cute pictures and we had a blast that day- thanks for bearing through it with us!

Anne said...

I'm not much of a hiker, but it looks so beautiful there. If you ever go back we would love to go.

Joel and Kristie said...

Ok, we would like to book the Next tour of The Red Hills!!! What a BEAUTIFUL Place!! It looks like so much FUN!

musicgreg said...

Wow dude, that place looks awesome! Let me know when you're going next and I'll see if I can drive down so I can come along.

sarakorbi said...

as the wife of a financial advisor, get life insurance.. :) it's fun to see pictures of Chad after hearing you talk of him and be so excited about him while we were in Guate.:)