Monday, December 8, 2008

Ugly Sweaters and a Bean Sprout

Story of a bean sprout
Bridger loves to eat Black Beans. He eats them a few times a week in a quesadilla with cheese for lunch or dinner. About a month ago after one such black bean meal...I found a shriveled black bean on my carpet next to my potted plant while I was straightening my family room. I figured that it must have stuck to B's shirt while he was eating and dis-lodged itself from the shirt while he was wandering near my plant some time later. I picked it up and tossed it into the soil of the plant and went on to pick up other toys in the room. (why walk it all the way to the trash can when I could just toss it into the soil where it blended in so nicely anyway right?) you can see in the photo, We now have a bean sprout that is about a foot long now! When I first saw it a few days ago, I tried to figure out what it could be and then saw the shriveled back bean casing clinging to one of the little leaves! I guess I do have a green thumb after all!
Warning...these next pictures are a little creepy!
Chad and friends in our ward at the Chamber's "Ugliest sweater party"
Ricki and Tony

(this is probably the best photo chad and I have ever taken together!)
The Chambers threw an awesome "Ugliest Sweater" Christmas Party last week!
We Found these lovely sweaters at the local DI if any of you would like to copy our style! I LOVE that chad is so willing to go all out with me. We didn't just do the ugly sweater...I tried my hardest to get my hair like Kelly's and chad was successful at getting his to look like Zach Morris's from Save by the Bell!
It was a radical party! Great food, great friends, and some really ugly sweaters!!!
Thanks Ricky

Best Christmas Toy EVER!!

Last year my Dad and his wife Susan gave Bridger this Little Tike's Nativity set for Christmas! I pulled it out last week while were were decorating for the holidays and it has been B's favorite toy ever since. Every day he goes into his room, shuts his door, and just plays with it!
I Highly recommend this toy! I can pull it out every Christmas season and then put it back away the rest of the year so he doesn't get sick of it!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Gobble Gobble

Let the workouts begin!!! I amaze myself with how much food I can put down and Thanksgiving is certainly no exception! This year we ventured up North to be with Family. We Were lucky enough to get to spend time with all sides. It was so great to get to see Cousins, Family, and Friends that we don't get to see very often!
Sophie (my niece) and B taking Aunt Jan's dogs for a walk around the house

My Brother Tim teaching B how to fold his arms

Chillin, chillin, mindin my business......

After the feast, while I was in a Triptophanic Coma (sleeping on the floor), my Mom set Bridger and and Sophie loose on their own pudding pies!!! No wonder they love her so much!

He's getting so good at folding his arms for prayers...My baby is growing up way too fast!