Thursday, January 28, 2010

we ARE still alive...just in case you were wondering

(i hate a picture less post, but I can't find my camera cord...they will come...patience my friends)

-Our house is finished (we got to move in on Christmas Christmas gift ever!) and it is starting to feel like a home!
-We FOUND our missing winter box...just in the nick of time, I was about to go was hiding in the very back bottom corner of our storage unit, what a perfect place for us to have put it when we moved here in august with the impending doom of winter approaching!
-Chad started school again...busy busy busy
-Bridger is a chatter obsessed with trains still but has a new fondness for American Flags.
-I am gaining weight at a very rapid pace...I need to slow my roll with eating Cinnamon rolls and cookie dough!