Sunday, August 24, 2008

Ode to the OLYMPIC Games

Now that the 2008 summer games have come to a close, I thought it would be appropriate to announce the Olympic events that will have their official Olympic debut in London 2012......

Baby Lifting

Chad and Bridger have been training tirelessly for this dedicated! And the next event...

Baby Speed Baths
The next Micheal Phelps

If you haven't started training your baby for these events yet...don't even try. These events take skill and precision that few can master. We can practically taste the gold now!

see ya in 2012...

Hey Bridger, It's your Birthday, we're gonna party like it's your birthday...

We decided to use Bridger's birthday to have a last minute get-together with some friends at the Dixie College pool. Any excuse for a summer BBQ right? Besides me being tense that one of the kids would was a great time! We had some good food and enjoyed every ones company! All kids were safe thanks to the watchful eyes of all the moms...(cuz all the dads were busy playing water B-Ball and watching the Dixie Football scrimmage). Thanks for the fun night friends!

Mom...Look what I made! (My mom is the QUEEN of cake decorating...she can pretty much do anything) If Bridger was a girl-I would have made this a unicorn cake...Yes Unicorn...I had a major thing for them when I was little. Ever seen the movie "The Last Unicorn"?...I bet I have it memorized. I really thought they were real creatures...out there in the wild...Anyway, I found the recipe for the cake at-

Bridger got to eat the ear...He had no idea why everyone was looking at him

"Haven't you guys ever seen a baby eat cake before???"

Bridger and Chris being mischievous

Here are a few more of Bridger's little buddies that were able to come...

tan little Boston,

squishy Avery,

and the

always funny Drake!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Bridger

One year ago....

August 23rd 7:10 am
7.1lbs 20 inches long

Chad and I were talking last night about how this has been the fastest year of our lives. I can hardly believe Bridger is already a year old! He's been the greatest joy and blessing of my life and I have truely loved EVERY minute!

3 months
Halloween 2007
6 months
Now...the little monster!
Happy Birthday Baby

Monday, August 18, 2008

Almost 1!

Chad's Boss's dog had a litter of Boxer puppies, so I thought it would be so cute to take Bridger over to take his picture with them. My friend Tereasa takes some great photos so she was kind enough to come to the photo shoot. The whole puppy idea wasn't so great- I thought the puppies would sit still on bridger's lap and he and the pups would smile sweetly into the camera...ha ha ha, it didn't quite work out like that. We were chasing puppies and trying to keep them from runnig was pretty funny. Even though they didn't cooperate, she got some really cute pictures! Thank you T for doing this for me!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Busy (but fun) Summer

This post is my attempt to try to catch up on what we've been up to the past few weeks...

*We tested our skills at the batting cages...My follow through was smooth as butter, I pretty much hit every ball out of the park. but chad really needs to work on his form if he expects to hit anything!

* We took a little trip to Northern Utah. We spent time with all of our family, took a quick trip to Logan UT to check out Utah State's history grad program, met my brother Mike's Girlfriend, Went to my step sister Sara's Wedding, and went to lagoon with my Mom and Family. Chad worked on the Farm a few days, we were able to meet up with some friends from High school, and we watched some Olympics. Whew...did I get everything??
My Little Bro Mike and his girlfriend Cheneese. She is from Malaysia and she's really sweet.

* A few weeks ago we went to Jumpin Jacks to celebrate the birthday for one of Bridger's little buddies. It was great! I think the adults had more fun than the kids. One look at my sweaty forehead in this picture gives that away. Check out the video of the boys dancing at the bottom of this was pretty funny!

*Bridger wrestling with his uncle Tim (my brother) He was really getting into it...growling and all! Maybe i should teach him to give hugs and kisses instead??

Cousin Emily, Jaylee, Heidi, and Aunt Jan at the play

*My Mom, Sisters, Aunt, & Cousins came into town for a little girls trip. (well not only girls, my brother tim and Cousin Andy came too). It was my Mom's Birthday so we went to Tachaun(an awesome outdoor theater) to see Les Miserables on Thursday with just the adults, then on Friday we took the kids to see The Sound of Music. We had great seats and it was tons of fun. I LOVE Les Mis...I could see it every week and not get sick of it!

Me, Mom, Sis Amanda, Sis Hannah, and Tim with the nun that sings "Climb every Mountain" in the play!

My little sis Hannah and Bridger at the splash park

i LOVE her freckles!

B and Sophie
It was so fun to have our family come visit us! Come visit again soon!!!

Xander and B jammin out at Jumpin Jacks

Grandma Smith cracking bridger up!