Monday, May 19, 2008

Fun in the Sun

Viewer Discretion advised:

Bridger had tons of fun playing in the water with his cousin Sophie last weekend! Of course i was not prepared for the sprinkler bliss that afternoon (I didn't have a swim diaper or a swim suit for him) and after a while sitting in the wet grass...he had the "swollen diaper syndrome"! So i did what any decent mom would do and i let him go commando. This is a picture of the stance he was in for about 20 minutes!! He was up on all fours with his little bum in the air drinking from the sprinkler. We had a good laugh!

Bridger...before the diaper came off

We also were able t go to a SPLASH PAD last weekend with a bunch of friends. We had the sun, water, warmth, good friends, and doesn't get much better than that!!!

Little miss Sophie

Bridger and Sophie digging into the watermelon