Sunday, July 27, 2008

Work Weekend

This month was just full of craziness. Right when I came home from San Fransisco, I was off to northern Utah for work. It was the annual Fashion team workshop. At Bridal Elegance we have a High school Fashion team, which is basically a group of girls(one from every major high school from Beaver through Las Vegas) who we select to represent our modest dresses in their school. Once they interview and make the team, they model for us in bridal fairs, fashion shows, women's expos, and help promote our store all year. Each summer we have a Fashion team workshop. We combine with the national Fashion team and the Northern Utah team. For three days we train the girls on walking, modeling, and fashion design. They help us pick our Prom Dress line for the following year, and we try to make it a really fun weekend for them.

I had to stay in the Hotel with the girls, so I left Bridger for the first time EVER!! Of course it was much more traumatic for me than for him. He had no idea i even left. My Mom helped , Chad's mom helped and of course Chad helped too, So he was in good hands.

Me and Heather Jensen (She'll be taking over everything I do when we move next year...Shes doing a great job!) All of the counselors at the Closing Banquet. My cousins Heidi and Teea came to be counselors this year!
One of our girls modeling a 2009 dress in the Fashion Show

So...I pretty much have the best job ever! I get to do fun girly stuff and get paid for it! It was a ton of work though and by the end of the weekend I was left wondering how i ever survived college and living on so little sleep...I was a zombie by Saturday night.


Queen Elizabeth said...

YEA for modest dresses!! (I must say that I was SHOCKED at the swimsuit attire in Utah at the pool. VERY disappointing. Maybe you can design modest swimsuits next? ;)

Isaac, Veronica, Alexia & Andrew Young said...

what a fun job!! I looked at the blog for it and i know one of the girls! I work with Ashley!

Heather and Trevor said...

Me too! THanks for the shout out! Cute post. I had such a blast with you! :) No sleep is not fun for me too.....glad we survived! :)