Monday, July 7, 2008

Our SUPER FUN week with friends

This week one of my Best Friends and her family came to visit. They Live in Florida and we don't get to see them very often so of course we tried to cram every moment with fun! I think we succeded. Here are some pictures of our adventures

Ty, Cru, and Bridger Shooting Hoops

A little Girl time...Pedicures! No kids, No Husbands...Just Best Friends!

On Wed we went to Sand Hollow Resivoir. We put the kids on float toys and swam out to the rocks. We found a great little cove where we could just float around and catch some rays. Ahh summer time...We love it!








On Tuesday went to see Les Miserables at Tuachan...It was incredible!! I highly reccommend seeing it, especially if you have a Dixie Direct card because you can get tickets at HALF OFF! I've had the songs in my head ever since. Thanks Nichole for watching the little squish while we went!

On Monday we had a Yummy Dinner with at our friends the Reimonds. All the best summer food complete with HOME MADE ICE CREAM!! yum

The Dads and Babies

Bridger polishing off Chad's BBQ Ribs at dinnner with our friends

yeah...He's NOT a vegetarian!
our love of ice cream!How many times did we eat ice cream while we were together this week? ...Not telling!


James and Cami said...

You guys are so cute, even when shoving your faces with ice cream!!! Bridger is getting so big. I want to squeeze him. I am sad that you wont be around this weekend. Call me when you come up!!

Amanda said...

I am glad that you guys had a good time! I love to see that all of you guys have little blonde boys! Super cute!


This week and those people look like the most incredible coolest hottest mom's ever.

dunlop family said...

okay okay...i officially hate you.... only because you are so dang beautiful!!!