Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Weekend With Family

This weekend we were able to go to Lehi to spend time with Chad's Family. A few of his siblings made it up too so it was a ton of fun getting to spend time with everyone. It stinks that everyone grows up and moves to different places. The weekend went by really quick. We wish we had more time to see other family and friends up there too, but work and school called us back to reality....don't you hate that!?

Here are some pictures from our trip...

Bridger Loves his Grandma Smith

Grandpa was trying to catch some shut eye until this little stink bug found him

Bridger trying to bum some food off his cousins Dylan and Logan

Chad's Parents on the hike to Stewart Falls in Sundance
Chad with his Brother Rhett and his Dad

Stewart Falls

Robert Redford at Sundance

Dylan just cracks me up...get it?


Misty said...

I love the picture of Kathy and Bridger, it is priceless.

Thedailydansie said...

Hey Rach,
How are you doing? Your little guy is so cute! Isn't it crazy how we all have a child or two? I'm so glad you wrote me. I've looked at your blog a few times since I found it on Amanda's and I wish I lived in St. George. It is so beautiful! How are things going out there? We are actually living in Columbus Ohio. Brian is at Ohio State in dental school so we'll be out here at least 3 more years.
Well now we can keep in touch.

Ricki said...

Looks liek you guys had a great weekend! I am sure it was cooler than the one we had! I love Sundance, it is so pretty and peaceful.

Bodi Amanda Sophie Laynie said...

love the picture of Chad on the carousel. He looks way to big for it!!!

Goodrich said...

I know I wasn't invited to your blog, but I had to take a peek. You guys rock. Thanks again for coming last night.

Thedailydansie said...

Hey Rachel- I didn't get old man in the cornered, I blew out my knee dishing out some old mans on other people. It is good to hear that you are doing well. I actually did it playing basketball. It was after a huge dunk or something else awesome I can't remember. We were going to name our next boy Bridger so thanks for stealing that. There can't be a Bridger in St. George and one in Columbus. What if they were to meet? See ya.