Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Dutch Oven Cook Out

Last Saturday We got together with our Friends the Kellys. Chris Kelly Is in the Master's Program that Chad is in at SUU and so we thought that after the past few crazy weeks of studying, it would be fun to cook out together. We headed to Red Cliffs for a Dutch Oven dinner!

This is Drake with Bridger. He's the cutest little boy on the block (and no, not because he's about the only little boy on the block...we are surrounded with little girls in our neighborhood) He's also in our Primary Class. When it's Chad's turn to teach, I spend the whole time watching Drake because he is just so funny and cute. Last week in our class we talked about treasures and how the Gospel was the best Treasure we could have...Well as part of the lesson we had all the kids go around and tell the class about a "Treasure" or prized possession that they had at home. Most of the answers were things like a favorite necklace, stuffed animal, or a golden coin...But Drake's "treasure" was his baseball bat and glove! Such a true boy! Happy as a lark with his bat and glove!

Our Yummy Dinner. I know it doesn't look very appitising, but oh...It was good!
Yeah, Bridger has his Daddy back!


Anonymous said...

Rachel Romney-Smith Hello this is tiffany barker-hebb. So you had your little boy....he is so dang cute. Last I saw you was at Katrinas wedding. He is a little chad. I just saw your page on stacee strongs page, so how are things for you and chad??? where do you live??? What has been happening in your life??? I hope all is well and I would love to hear from you if you ever get time.