Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Newborn Photos and Life with Two

My sweet sister arranged to have newborn photos taken of Bowen as a gift to us...What an AWESOME gift huh? Her friend Abby with AKstudio (link under "blogs I like") came up to our house when he was just about a week old, I'm so glad I have these! His wrinkles are already filling in and I know he'll get big so fast. Thanks Amanda!!!!
Life with two has thrown me for a loop, but I think I'm over being overwhelmed. I still haven't attempted taking them both to walmart...but other than that, things are getting more normal at our house. Bowen is such a sweet baby! He's a great eater and that makes me a happy mom!

Bo got to meet his Great Grandparents on Sunday!

I love how fuzzy his hair gets after a bath
Bedtime! Always a great time of day!



Oh my gosh Rachel these pictures make me SO baby hungry, really. Just seeing the fuzzy after bath hair and the wrinkles and the hand thingy's and the smallness thereof. These pictures are priceless why didnt you post the ones of them on the dresser? You look gorgeous by the way! So does Chad :)

Bridget said...

Congrats Rach!! He is a bueatiful baby! And of course you look amazing. Only you would look model ready in the hospital photo's! Let me know when you're up for it and maybe we can come visit or go to the park. Hope things are going well. I would say hope you're adjusting but if you ask me there's no such thing!

Courtney said...

So adorable, and you look fabulous! How do you have kids and only gain a belly, no fair. He's precious. I can completely relate to the overwhelming feeling of having 2, it took me a few weeks to not feel so outnumbered. Can you imagine 3? ha ha. I love the newborn pictures, she did a great job. You two have beautiful kids

James and Cami said...

Love your pictures!! Cute babies. I cant believe how big bridger is getting and he is so darn cute.

Reid and Brittney said...

He is so adorable!! Those are great pictures. I love the one of your cute!!!! Hope to be able to see you sometime soon.

Natalie said...

Love the pictures! So cute!! What a beautiful family!