Friday, January 30, 2009

Sick House

Something is going around and all I know is that it stinks having a sick kid just as bad as being sick yourself. Earlier this week Bridger had his first public barf incident(there's just no pretty way to say it...although I dis-like all words pertaining to vomit...especially the word itself) We were at an indoor jumping play house gym called Jumpin Jacks and the little guys just lost it. Chad and I (obviously inexperienced parents when it comes to throw-up)..thought that maybe he was just bouncing too much and therefore lost his after the mess was cleaned up and all was sanitary, we decided to stick around and chat with friends. What were we thinking??? 5 min. later...he lost it again...all over Chad. Poor buddy, I was so mad at myself for not just taking my sick child home right away.
It was ugly, but luckily they employee on shift during the said incident(s) had a great sense of humor!
So we've had the sickies all week. Not horrible...just a lingering yuckiness. It makes me SO thankful for my family's overall good health!

I only got a few pics while we were there...this is my friends little boy Cru, trying to fit into the stuffed animal arcade game!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It was warm the other day so B & I ate our spaghetti lunch outside. Combine Spaghetti with a runny nose and a half hour playing in the back yard and this is what wants to come inside!

Last weekend while we were up visiting family, I got to go to and Aquarium with my sisters Amanda & Hannah, Nieces, Aunt Jan, Cousin Emily & all the kiddos! This is Bridger and Jett, Em's Baby, checking out the sea creatures. It was the perfect thing to do since it's too cold up north to do anything outdoors

What was up with my curly locks?? The only curling iron I could find at my in laws had the circumference of my pinkie, So i gave it a whirl (what else do you do with day-old hair huh?)...I thought they were way cuter than that before I saw this picture..yikes!

Hannah with Laynie, and Sophie trying to keep Bridger in the picture.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ode to 2009

Well it's a little late to declare my new years resolutions, I've had them all jumbled(yes jumbled, I believe i made up the word just now but it seems to fit perfectly so I'm leaving it there) in my brain since the 1st and I never did get around to writing them down. So I figure now is better than never.

2009 to do list...
Send thank you cards
Keep a Journal
Read a few good history books
Go to Florida before Bridger turns 2
Remember Friends and Family's birthdays...send cards (I'm the worst at birthdays, Once I forgot my mom's and finally realized it 4 months later...sorry again mom...Love you!)
Run another 10k...try to like it this time
Learn to cook with food storage
Teach Chad how to cook
Teach Bridger how to swim
Go to the zoo
Express gratitude

Yep, I think that about does it.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Our Holidays

Wow, It's been a while since I've posted! We took a long break/vacation up north and I didn't bring the good ole' camera cord...Since I hate backtracking too much with posts, I'll just sum up our holidays with this- It was great to be with Family and Friends, Bridger LOVED all of the attention, I was really cold, and now we're back home where it's nice and warm!!!
Here are a few of my favorite photos from our wanderings-
My Mom's dog taking bridger on a ride!... Not really

Grandpa Smith's Horse taking bridger on a Ride

Grandpopi Rich taking Bridger on a ride!