Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It was warm the other day so B & I ate our spaghetti lunch outside. Combine Spaghetti with a runny nose and a half hour playing in the back yard and this is what wants to come inside!

Last weekend while we were up visiting family, I got to go to and Aquarium with my sisters Amanda & Hannah, Nieces, Aunt Jan, Cousin Emily & all the kiddos! This is Bridger and Jett, Em's Baby, checking out the sea creatures. It was the perfect thing to do since it's too cold up north to do anything outdoors

What was up with my curly locks?? The only curling iron I could find at my in laws had the circumference of my pinkie, So i gave it a whirl (what else do you do with day-old hair huh?)...I thought they were way cuter than that before I saw this picture..yikes!

Hannah with Laynie, and Sophie trying to keep Bridger in the picture.


* Anne * said...

That's fun. I'm running out of things to do down here. Any ideas? We definitely need a play group.

dunlop family said...

cute little spagehtti face!

barbara beck said...

Easy Rach Are you trying to win a Pilgrim look alike contest? haha you should see my hair its the worst yet! Your life is so refreshing to me i love you ad miss you