Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ode to 2009

Well it's a little late to declare my new years resolutions, I've had them all jumbled(yes jumbled, I believe i made up the word just now but it seems to fit perfectly so I'm leaving it there) in my brain since the 1st and I never did get around to writing them down. So I figure now is better than never.

2009 to do list...
Send thank you cards
Keep a Journal
Read a few good history books
Go to Florida before Bridger turns 2
Remember Friends and Family's birthdays...send cards (I'm the worst at birthdays, Once I forgot my mom's and finally realized it 4 months later...sorry again mom...Love you!)
Run another 10k...try to like it this time
Learn to cook with food storage
Teach Chad how to cook
Teach Bridger how to swim
Go to the zoo
Express gratitude

Yep, I think that about does it.


James and Cami said...

I like the resolutions Racl and I told Barb I want to come out this spring, so I will def jump on the resolution with ya!!

Anonymous said...

Going to be a fun year!

Westover Bunch said...

Ill do the Triathalon with you, let me know when you sign up, I would love it!

danielandjamaica said...

We have the same birthday... so that should make that one easy! :) So does Cher, and she's got a new concert in Vegas so I was thinking of going for "our" birthday!
And the SHAC tri is in April and the SGTRI is in May... and not full yet...(can you believe it?) have you signed up? I need to, that would get me motivated. It's my favorite one. I'd like to do the women's only at Lake Las Vegas in April, but only if I have a few friends to do it with... so let me know. :)

dunlop family said...

those are good ones!!! and you have all yaerc to get through them!! have fun!

The McCulloughs said...

Thats a great list! I will run the 10K with you! I feel guilty now that I didn't really make any resolutions!