Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bridger Turned Two...two months ago

Today I had a minute to go back and look at some old photos...everyone says it, but WOW- Time flies! I can't believe my baby is already two! I feel like I just brought him home from the hospital last week. I have to say that Bridger has been a joy to raise and have in our family from the start! He's got such a fun personality and I love getting to see the person he is becoming!

Since his Birthday was on a Sunday, we had some family over for some dessert...I opted out on the cake and made a strawberry chocolate cream puff dessert instead. Bridger didn't seem to mind!
Then to celebrate later we went to the Zoo with family and friends.... It was way hot and a lot of the animals were hiding out, but it was still a good time!
my brother Tim and B checking out the lions

Bridger Loved the zoo, but he really just wanted to tear open all the toys he raked in! It's a good thing we had a wagon to haul them around in!

Earl, Bridger, Easton, and Chad seeing how they measure up to the gorillas.

Grandma Smith pushing b around on his birthday throne.
Thanks to everyone who helped make Bridger's day special! Our goals for the year are to...Lose the passy, Lose the diapers, and learn a ton of new things.
Love you Bridger!


Queen Elizabeth said...

1st - Congrats on your pregnancy! You guys need to "breed" as much as possible (?!?!) because you make good kids :) 2nd - Good luck w/ the move. Being near family will FOR SURE help you make it through the winter 3rd - when you decide to lose the paci, cut it or bury it (I know some people who actually held a FUNERAL for it!) so it CANNOT be retrieved. It's harder for the parents, for sure but they get over it pretty fast. Make sure you find all of them :) GOOD LUCK!

Ricki said...

Ohhh! These pictures make me miss him and his cute hair! You can lose the binkie! I NEVER thought Daxton would give his up, but then we couldn't find one for an entire weekend and I was NOT going to go buy more! That was all it took and it was really only one crankie nap time and one crankie bed time and he was over it! It really is harder on us than them! Hope you are all well and that you are feeling well! I hope I get to see your little pregnant belly soon! :)

Sarah said...

Going back to past entries, CONGRATS on your pregnancy!! I am so excited for you guys! When do you find out what it is? (Or do you know already?) Bridger is such a cute kid. And I have to say, seeing him with his binkie in his mouth at 2 makes me feel a little better than Braxton still has his. :) We are down to only having it at bedtimes and naptimes though and its tough but its working. Good luck with all that! How are you feeling? We definitely need to catch up!


Why is Bridger hilarious to me? I love my little mad scientist!

dunlop family said...

fun! happy birthday, big B!!! oh and yay for the loss of the passy!!!