Thursday, August 26, 2010

Riding with Grandpa Smith and New Toys!


Amanda said...

love the picture with the sunset in the back. I would blow that up!

Elise said...

Three items:

1. Geez, Bowen looks like Chad!

2. Doesn't Chad get itchy horse hair chaffage riding in shorts like that? I'm not sure how to spell chaffage, but I think you know what I mean. Ouch.

3. We miss you guys. Macey and Olivia still talk about you.

Cami said...

Love the train color cute! So your grilled pizza, how does that work persay???? Do tell. :)
Your little bowen is getting big and is pretty cute?

Heather and Trevor said...
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Heather and Trevor said...

Rach! How the heck are ya!? I finally just caught up on your blog. What a cute little family you have! I sure love your little Bowen already! He is darling!! What day was he born? I knew our guys were close but I have been a bad friend and haven't kept in touch as well as I should have, so here is a very late congrats! :) Hope you are adjusting to 2 kids. I know I am and its great most days! Anyways, I remember you said you couldn't access my blog anymore and I wanted to sent you an incite again so can you send it to me at

hope to hear from you!

Marry Wilson said...

Lovely pics !!!
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