Thursday, November 19, 2009


Missing Winter Box
Box thought to have been in an easily accessible place of the storage unit has gone missing!
Contents of box- all warm clothing including coats, gloves, scarfs, sweaters, and thermals belonging to the Smith family.
Box is cardboard and large. May have the words "Winter (Poop) Stuff" written on the outside in black marker. (could it be that some winter loving activist group found out that I hate winter and viewed the act of calling winter "poop" a winter hate crime and took my box as punishment?)
The Smith Family is desperate to locate this box, any information leading to the finding of this box will be greatly appreciated.
Reward- general public will not have to see us wearing large and smelly farm work coats any longer than we have to!


elise said...

I'll keep an eye out for you.

And winter IS poopy. Come back to St. George! We miss you! :)

Dave & Jada said...

Rach, i need 3 scrumm-diddly-umtious ties. one baby one. is that possible?

J Family said...

That stinks!!! Good luck. :)

Westover Bunch said...

That is hillarious!! It is the worst losing things, I realized I had my mom store half of our Christmas decorations because we never thought we would move...??!!

dunlop family said...

how are you going to survive!!!!


I totally remember when you were loading all of your winter stuff up on that sunny day in saint george and you so sadly yet so proudly pointed to that box that you names winter poop stuff..... I think that was when I put a ticking time bomb inside of that box. It wasn't set to explode but impload on itself... it is now invisible but still exists. Sorry Rachel sew yourself some new stuff.