Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fall Fun and a Hair Cut

We've been playing in the leaves a ton this past few weeks so I thought I better take some photos. Plus...I needed some proof that Bridger REALLY needed a hair cut!
I had been stewing over (yes stewing... also known as mulling or debating over) whether or not to cut his hair for a while now and then one day I couldn't handle the mop his mop head any longer. I've always cut his hair, but I let it get too out of control so I needed to turn him over to the experts.

This picture says it all about what he thought about the experience, but overall it wasn't so bad. I didn't have to hold him down and there were no tears.

Here he is checking himself out in the mirror. He looks so much older now, but oh it is nice to not have to dry it after a bath!


Westover Bunch said...

It makes him look so much older, my little man!!

Ricki said...

He is so handsome!! I miss his cute little face, and yours for that matter!!!! I can't believe I haven't seen either of you in several months. I never heard if "operation detach from binkie" ever really happened?!!
Your baby is growing up so fast, guess it is time for another one!!! Oh wait! You guys are already working on that!!! :)


He looks handsome but I'll have to say the blonde is gone :( and I love his surfer hair-do. Oh well he is still a cutie-pie

Stubbs said...

He does look handsome but he's so cute. We miss you guys. Hope you're doing good with the pregnancy. So excited for yall.

barbara beck said...

So cute Rach he is so grown up!