Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Travels North

We headed North over Conference weekend and had a good Pre-Easter Celebration with my sister Amanda and her kiddos.

There's no better way to warm up for the big hunt besides having a little hunt!

Bridger, Sophie, and Laynie dying Easter eggs.
Well...Sophie dyed eggs and while Laynie watched and Bridger tried to destroy all things.

B with my Sadie girl!
This is the dog Chad and I raised and loved for two years. She was my running partner and best buddie...But then we moved to a NO DOG community and I was devastated...only dog lovers will understand. I tried everything to keep Her when we moved into where we're living now. I even tried to get her certified as a seeing eye dog so she could stay with us, but it wasn't in the cards...She had to find a new home. Amanda and Bodi have been so good to her!

B & Sophie chillin on the tramp


dunlop family said...

a seeing eye dog! thats FUNNY rachel! the things we do for love. ps...golden retrievers are my FAVE dogs!!!

elise said...

Sadie!! Oh, we miss big, slobbery Sadie! We miss you guys, too, by the way.


why is bridger wearing a dress in this picture? RACHEL!

Rachel Smith said...

It's an Apron...NOT a dress!