Wednesday, March 25, 2009


( Me Barb & Kayla)
It was so fun to have Barb and John in town last week! We had lots of catching up to do and of course we made sure to fit in time for plenty of ice cream and sun! I was having major camera battery issues until the last day we were all together so I didn't get a picture of new baby Preston, but oh was he squishy and scrumptious!!!
(Cru, Ty, Bridger)
Nothing gets crazier than combining these three ingredients!

Wrestling match...Bridger was the cause of most of the trouble, but what else do little boys do besides wrestle??? It was pretty funny.



Anonymous said...

Even though I've never met Barb, I always think of the three of you. Like the Three Amigos or something.


I need these pictures!!!!! These boys are destined to be best friends they have to or they'll be severely punished! Great talks today!