Tuesday, October 21, 2008


As you can tell...Bridger was very happy to meet his new cousin and to have family come to visit last weekend! ...And I can't say that I wasn't excited too. We've been planning this birthday-bash girls-trip for my mother-in-law's 60th birthday for months! Finally...her big day rolled around and everyone made it into town. This is little Lily (Iliana), She is Jason and Clarissa's new baby.
Bridger with Aunt Shantell

All the sister's and sister-in-laws in the family came into town! Shantell flew in from Kentucky on Wed and her and Terra "kidnapped" Mom and drove her down South. Jen drove up from AZ and Clarissa drove in from Ca.(ok, so it wasn't a "no-boys-allowed" girls trip...Jason came too...Chad needed a buddy). We all surprised her at a restaurant, She had no idea that everyone was here and seeing her so happy and surprised was well worth the wait.

We went to Tuachan to see Les Mis...LOVED it (again).
Then on Friday we went hiking in Zions. (we let the boys come along) The weather was great!
me, Shantell, Terra, and Jen (I think Clarissa was feeding her baby)
Mom & Daughters

I know I'm really lucky to have such a great mother-in-law. Kathy is such a wonderful Grandma and Bridger just loves her so much....actually I think he's a little obsessed with her.
We had a great weekend and can't wait til we can all get together again...even if husbands have to come.


Russ and Suz Adamson said...

That is so awesome that you guys did that for her. She seems like an awesome lady and well deserved birthday surprise :)

Amanda said...

Sound like fun. Did you get a new couch? I like it!

Rachel Smith said...

Oh YES! our Friends the Haynes were moving and so kindly gave us their old couches...We LOVE them! A great improvement from the last ones! Thanks to Elise

Kent and Heidi said...

I LOVE your family picture! It is gorgeous! And Bridger is SO big! I love his backhoe p.j.'s (Luke has the same ones).


You are SO lucky to have such wonderful parents-in-law! I'm glad all the girls could make it in and that ya'll had such a good time. You have been so busy and its all been for other people's sake lately I love you sis!