Sunday, October 12, 2008

Trip to Arizona

This trip was LONG overdue. I grew up in Tempe Arizona and so we have lot of family and friends there. We hadn't been down since before Birdger was born, so last weekend...we decided to go! We packed as much fun into one weekend as humanly possible. Here's some pics of out trip...

We were cramping B's style by keeping him strapped in his seat for so long, so we stopped at the Hoover Dam. Then we stopped in Prescott to visit Chad's Bro. and his Family for the evening.

We were able to see our good friends the Carusos. Chad and Justin were Mission companions in Mass. They are like Brothers when they get together and it was great to see them!

We stayed with Mandy and Matt Westover and their cute girls Kali(3) and Tadum. Mandy has been my Best Friend since Preschool. We were pretty much joined at the hip all growing up. Her family has always treated me like one of their own and were such great examples to me! When my parents decided to move to Utah after my Freshman year of High school...I was devastated because i was terrified to be without her. We have tried to get together at least once a year since i moved. Even though it was easier before we got married and had kids, we've somehow been able to pull it off!
We left Bridger and Tadum alone for a few minutes and these are the shanangans they got into... bag of marshmallows dumped all over the couch!
It was so fun to see our kids play together! Before we came down, Mandy warned me that Tadum was going through a "rough phase" right now and she was worried she'd try to wrestle Bridger. But little did she know that wrestle is bridger's middle name. They played great together!

All the kiddos on the train....All Aboard?
Sara (Mandy's Sister) and her little girl Ella on the train ride

We took Bridger on the Ferris wheel at the October-fest...I don't think he loved it...
But he did love dancing to the music!
Us and the Westovers at the October-fest in down town Tempe! Great food, music, and beer for us of course, but i think October-fest is just another name for beer-fest. Don't worry, We got there early and left before the drunkards started yodeling.
"This awesome cake is for me??" Kali had a rockin 3rd birthday carnival! Complete with cotton candy, face painting, and even a blow-up jumping castle. Mandy really knows how to throw a party!
Matt and Chad hard at work on the cotton candy

We took the kids to a new outdoor shopping mall that had fountains and splash pads all over, and I couldn't keep Bridger out of them. He had a blast!

Me and Mandy
Thanks mandy and matt! (and mom & dad painter and the rest of the family) We had a great time! Miss you already Mandy!


Joel and Kristie said...

What an amazing trip!! You guys had sooo much fun!! I love your pix!!


im so glad you made that trip, good for you Rachel! Your brave to drive that long with Bridger, now get ready to do it again in a month:)

Sarah said...

It was so good to see you guys again! Thanks for taking the time to have lunch with us! Its always good to spend time with ya.

Westover Bunch said...

We miss you too. We love the pictures. Havasupi falls will be sooooo much fun next summer. Thanks again for coming to visit and all that you do for us..Love you guys.

Jay, Em & kiddos said...

jealous I am. Glad you had fun

Russ and Suz Adamson said...

What a blast. You are so dang photogenic it is unreal :).

Jones Family said...

Gee... thanks for letting us know you were in town!!!! :) It would have been great to see Bridger... since the last time we saw you, he was in your belly still! It sounds like you guys had a great time! Let us know the next time you get a wild hair and decide to drive down to the AZ sun! Take care!