Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Travels South

We headed South for the weekend. We stayed with Chads Brother Rhett and his Family in Prescott, then we met up with some Friends to hike the Grand Canyon for a day, then we went back to Prescott for Easter. We had a great trip! Here's some of the highlights...

Easter Morning

The Easter Bunny left B's Basket on the weight bench right outside our room...it's a good thing too...He found it right away!

B & Cousin Abby on the way home from church

Easter Morning

Playing with cousins Abby and Dylan

Bridger looking spiffy in his Easter get-up
On Friday, Rhett and Jen watched Bridger and we went to hike the Grand Canyon. It was Amazing! I can't believe I've lived close to it for so long and hadn't hiked it before. We met up with our my best friend since birth, Mandy, and her husband Matt. We hiked down the Kiabab trail and out the Bright Angel trail. That's 17 miles!!! Straight down ...across 5 miles...then straight up.

Our friends from Tempe AZ, Mandy & Matt.

Us being nerds at the bridge over the Colorado River.

Our Lizard friend

Me & Mandy Westover

I still can't believe that we did that!!! The next two days I could barely walk, my calf's were so sore! I looked pretty funny on Easter Sunday trying to wear high heels to my Bro & Sis in laws ward...it's painful just thinking about it!
I Highly recommend hiking the Grand Canyon though...just be sure to train a little if you decide to hike down and out in the same day. Thanks Mandy and Matt for bringing us along..It was so great to see you guys!

Travels North

We headed North over Conference weekend and had a good Pre-Easter Celebration with my sister Amanda and her kiddos.

There's no better way to warm up for the big hunt besides having a little hunt!

Bridger, Sophie, and Laynie dying Easter eggs.
Well...Sophie dyed eggs and while Laynie watched and Bridger tried to destroy all things.

B with my Sadie girl!
This is the dog Chad and I raised and loved for two years. She was my running partner and best buddie...But then we moved to a NO DOG community and I was devastated...only dog lovers will understand. I tried everything to keep Her when we moved into where we're living now. I even tried to get her certified as a seeing eye dog so she could stay with us, but it wasn't in the cards...She had to find a new home. Amanda and Bodi have been so good to her!

B & Sophie chillin on the tramp