Saturday, July 11, 2009

Is there some sort of obsesssive toy car disorder I should be aware of?

We went north to visit my family last weekend and while we were there my little brother Tim was so kind to pass down a load of matchbox cars to Bridger.
I had no idea he'd love them this much...I'm talking hours of entertainment. He wants to sleep with them and they are the first thing he asks for in the morning.

He loves to line them up in perfect rows and he gets all stressed out if one rolls forward out of ranks.

I even have a hard time getting him to eat. He can't stop playing long enough! The other day I gave in and let him eat his lunch at the coffee table with his cars, I loaded the dishwasher, and when I came to check on him..he had rolled his cars through his yogurt. So...we gave all the cars a bath on the porch.


elise said...

I think this means that Bridger is going to grow up to be a genius because little DJ does this, too. :P The first time he did it it freaked me out a little.


Welcome to the obsessions of boys. Starts now, ends at death.